On June 27 2020 Antiguan Prime Minister, Honourable Gaston Browne announced that the Leeward Islands Air Transport (LIAT) would be liquidated due to the increased debt and the economic impact of the covid 19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Browne announced that the airline would be restructured into a new entity LIAT 2020. LIAT has returned to the skies after seven months with a flight from Antigua to Dominica.

Minister for Tourism says Dominica shares a long history and partnership with LIAT.

“We have learnt to lean on each other for mutual benefit and also provide mutual support to each other during difficult times. I can definitely say one thing what we have in common as a region is resilience. LIAT’s resilience is evident by its sixty-four year lifespan, during which it has met many rivals, challenges, and battles; but through it all it has provided an essential bridge for the people of our Caribbean nations, an essential bridge for our businesses, trade and commerce, an essential bridge connecting our families and bringing visitors to Dominica,” Honourable Charles stated.

Cooperate Communications Manager of LIAT, Mr. Shavar Maloney says it’s a momentous occasion to have their first flight from Antigua to Dominica.

“Connectivity is especially important to our region, and especially important to Dominica and we have a special place in that connectivity. We would like to thank the Government and people of Dominica for their support of LIAT over the years and especially now during this unprecedented times. As we return to the sky we will be shortly announcing our schedules. We will be returning to Dominica and I am happy to say that we will have flights that will connect you throughout our schedule to all the destinations that we will be flying too,” Mr. Maloney added.