President of Dominica H.E Charles A. Savarin addressed the United Nations 2023 Sustainable Development Summit, which was held under the theme “Shaping the Future of Sustainable Development” on behalf of the Caribbean Community on Monday, September 18 2023.

President Savarin says CARICOM endorses the call for all member states to recommit towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s.)

“This summit will provide a unique opportunity to fundamentally adjust the trajectory of all member states to take positive actions towards its implementation. Mr. President, CARICOM endorses the policy, the political declaration set out by the Secretary General in a renewed call for all member states to recommit towards this transformative process. The existential threat of covid-19 over the last three years, which was exacerbated by the impact of climate change and the war in Ukraine calls for even greater leadership at the multilateral level. Therefore, what is required is a surge in commitments for Government’s and other stakeholders to take implementation of the SDGs to the next level,” he stated.

President Savarin says although challenges may arise, humanity can survive with the wealth of resources that are now available.

“The use of technology as a transformative tool must be harnessed and no citizen should be disadvantaged. The 2030 Agenda is achievable.  There will always be challenges; however the capacity to overcome the most severe challenges is not an anomaly for humankind. These are indeed unprecedented times. We can draw confidence from the fact that we have accessed a wealth of knowledge and resources to meet the demand of the times. Mr. President, CARICOM remains firm in its support of the implementation   of the Sustainable Development Goals,” H.E Savarin added.