The RayAsta Foundation has made a presentation of laboratory and science equipment to the St. Mary’s primary school in its continued bid to encourage the youth to cultivate an interest in science.

The presentation was made on Monday, January 9 2023 at the school’s compound.

Chairman of the RayAsta Foundation, Mrs. Jennifer Astaphan told the students that she is of the hope that the presentation of the equipment stimulates their interest in science. 

“What we hope to encourage in the schools that he attended, both SMP and SMA, is to encourage your interest in science, and I hope several of you will go on to become either young scientists because he did neuroscience and he wanted to be a neurologist, looking after people who got strokes and had problems with their brains. So I hope many of you will be motivated to think about what you are going to be when you grow up and hopefully this contribution will stimulate your interest in science,” Mrs. Astaphan stated.

Meanwhile, Principal of the St. Mary’s Primary School, Mrs. Norrissa Peters thanked the RayAsta Foundation for their investment in the students.

“Amidst this huge challenge that you all have experience, you saw the need to establish the RayAsta Foundation, a symbol of love, a symbol of perseverance, hope and courage to face the future. SMP is blessed to be a part of this unique foundation. We are elated to be on the receiving end. We are elated also to be part of history of the RayAsta Foundation,” Mrs. Peters added.

The RayAsta Foundation was founded in memory of Raymond Astaphan, an aspiring doctor who died in a tragic car accident. He attended both the St. Mary’s Primary and the St. Mary’s Academy.

The Foundation focuses on a specific area of neuroscience and neurology, by providing state of the art, high-quality ancillary services for stroke patients in Dominica and in the region.