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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Dominica President – Mr James Rodney has been selected out of the eight (8) National Councillors of JCI West Indies to represent JCI West Indies as the Chief Delegate at the American Leadership Academy (ALA) taking place in San Martin Mendoza, Argentina from May 11 – 14, 2019. He will be joined by fellow National Councillor Janet Taylor from JCI Barbados who will represent JCI West Indies as the alternate.

Mr Rodney expressed his gratitude and delight for the selection stating, “This selection is a humbling one and I give thanks for the opportunity to represent JCI West Indies, JCI Dominica and serve as an ambassador for my country Dominica. This selection also shows that JCI Dominica is making tremendous progress to being recognized as a solid organization of young active citizens and future leaders and is further testament to the hard work put in by the board and its members. I want to make special mention and offer my sincere gratitude to the Discover Dominica Authority for endorsing and giving support to my attendance as it also gives me the opportunity to showcase Dominica’s culture, heritage as the premier tourism destination of the world to over 1000 delegates coming from across 50 countries. Special thanks also to the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica and Ms Chekira Lockhart.”

The Purpose of the American Leadership Academy (ALA) primarily is to create future leaders of the National Organizations with the main focus being the development of strong leadership and administrative skills for the local organizations as well as learning how to use the JCI tools to benefit your local organization.

In addition to participating in the American Leadership Academy, Mr Rodney has been selected as JCI Americas Conference Award Judge and will form part of the JCI West Indies delegation, by representing JCI Dominica at the JCI Conference of the Americas also taking place in Mendoza, Argentina from May 15 to 18, 2019. This conference will bring together delegates from all the Americas to receive Training and discuss sustainable solutions to many challenges that we hope can create a positive impact and change in our communities all over the world.

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