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Saturday, 22 February 2020


The Dominica Community Tourism Association Incorporated (DCTAI) will be hosting a Community Tourism Enhancement Competition from February 19 2019 to April 30, 2019. 

This competition will be anchored on four pillars: cleanliness, landscaping, hospitality, and community involvement. The cleanliness pillar will focus primarily on proper garbage and/or waste disposal. The landscaping pillar seeks to propagate pristine green environments through appropriate care and maintenance. The hospitality pillar will focus on the softer skills of visitor receptiveness, customer service, and the conception of unique customer experiences.  The community involvement pillar will examine the ability of community tourism entities to mobilize support from the residents and stakeholders within their respective communities and generate the greatest amount of participation within their communities.

The five (5) participating zones in this competition consist of the following communities;

Zone A: Castle Bruce / Kalinago Territory

Zone B: Marigot / Woodfordhill

Zone C: Bense/ Calibishie

Zone D: Penville/ Vielle Case / Thibaud

Zone E: Capuchin/ Toucarie / Tantan

Prizes will be awarded to all participating zones at a prize giving ceremony during Tourism Awareness Month in May 2019.

The vision of DCTAI is to be a vehicle towards making Dominica the destination of choice for visitors seeking an eco-friendly and peaceful country and enhanced visitor experience.

DCTAI plans for this competition to be an annual event, where the activity to be judged will be rotated in the different communities within the various zones. Ultimately, this initiative is seen as one that can contribute to civic pride, the destination’s sustainable tourism goal, and enhancing our nature island image.

DCTAI is an organization primarily funded by the Government of Dominica, through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. DCTAI was registered as a non-profit organization on May 21, 2010. Its formation came out of the realization that there were diverse small groups that were willing to make a livelihood through tourism businesses, but needed assistance with developing and implementing their project ideas. DCTAI was also formed to be the mouth piece for all community tourism groups on island and to assist these groups with services and products that would help in their growth and continued development.

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