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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Headline News

Paix-Bouche/Dos D’ane Holds 18th Inaugural Meeting
PM Meets with Petite Savanne Constituents in Bagatelle
DVRP to Undertake New Hydromet System
Ministry of Education Conducts Early Learners Training for Teachers
Police Chief Pleased with Performance of CDPF in 2016
Public Order Act on the Cards for 2017
$400K for Small Business Development in Paix-Bouche
Family Court to be Established in 2017
Dominica State Prison to Receive Facelift in 2017
Plans to Develop the Layou Beachfront
$198,000 Approved for Washroom Facilities in the St. Joseph Constituency
Dominican Assumes Chair of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development
ECCB Predicts Growth for Dominica’s Economy
Dominica Officially Receives New Indian High Commissioner
Silver Beach to Boost Economy and Prestige of Dominica
Vieille Case MP Calls Newly Sworn-In Village Council to Take Initiatives
Government Closer to Implementing Consumer Protection Law
National Youth Policy Review Complete
Hon Ian Douglas: Silver Beach Resort is Tremendous Boost for Portsmouth
Vieille Case Holds 27th Village Council Inaugural Meeting
CBI To Fund Marriott Franchise Silver Beach Resort and Spa
Acute Psychiatric Unit Anticipates Successful 2017
York Valley Bridge Expected to be Completed Before Due Date
$100K Presented to Community of Layou
Equipment for Manufacturers to Contribute to Food Safety
Colihaut MP Addresses Needs of Constituents
Course to Enhance Disaster Safety at Schools
Relocation of Silver Lake Residents Affected by Fire Progressing Smoothly
Government Invests $1M in Dominica’s Youth through DYBT
$20k for 20 Households Affected by Fire in Silver Lake

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