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Saturday, 11 July 2020

These are the traffic guidelines issued by the Head of the Traffic Department, Acting Superintendent Patrickson Albert for the duration of the 3rd Digicel Series Test Match West Indies vs. Australia at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium from April 23 to 27, 2012.

There will be NO PARKING at the following areas;

On either side of the portion of Rose Street from its junction with the “New Link “Road to Federation Drive

On either side of Valley Road where the road intersects with River Street and Hillsborough Street

On either side of Valley Road from its junction with Bath Road to Josephine Gabriel and Company

On either side of the “Windsor Park Link Road” from the junction of Rose Street to Bath Road

On either side of the “New Road” running from West to East from the “East River Side Apartments” to the “Round-about” on the New Link Road

One side Parking

One side parking will be permitted on the western side of the portion of the Elmshall road and the South East Gate of the Botanical Gardens

On the Western side of Valley Road from Josephine Gabriel and Company and the Elmshall Road

Parking will be permitted on Dupigny Lane on the Eastern side only Reserve Parking

Parking shall be reserved on the portion of Kennedy Avenue from the Eastern end of the La Plaine Bus Stop to its junction at Bath Road

One way Traffic

No entry will be permitted on Dupigny Lane from North to South. Traffic will not be allowed to travel northwards, that is towards the roundabout.

Note: Permission shall be sought for motorist travelling eastwards along Kennedy Avenue from Independence Street to turn left into the Government Headquarters yard and to exit on Hillsborough Street.

The police will be conducting security checks of sterile areas; Government Headquarters, Financial Centre, the Stadium grounds, Public Service Union grounds, Discover Dominica Authority grounds, old Dominica Grammar School quadrangle and the new Dominica Grammar School grounds from 6 am before the games.


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