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Saturday, 11 July 2020

The Bafondpoint Development Committee in collaboration with the Bagatelle Fond St.Jean, Pointe Carib village council is once again staging the annual Pork Festival in the southeastern village of Bagatelle.

The pork festival is scheduled for the Saturday May 05th and Sunday May O6th 2012 as part of DOMFESTA 2012 activities.

Spokesperson for the Pork festival Pamela Guiste said while the main event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, there will be a soft opening from Friday May 04th.

“This year’s pork festival will actually come alive from Friday May 04th. This will be a warm up session, and that will continue onto Saturday and Sunday and will continue until Monday May 07th, which happens to be a holiday”.

The Bagatelle Pork Festival is being held for the fourth time this year.

Pamela Guiste said the festival has been designed to raise funds for community development.

“The purpose of the Pork Festival is really to raise funds for development projects geared towards enhancing facilities for recreation, Sports, Education in the communities of Bagatelle, Fond St.Jean, Pointe Caribe”.

The festival will feature various types of dishes prepared with pork. Guiste said fish will also form an integral part of the festival.

“We expect to have various types of pork dishes. Although we give a lot of emphasis to the pork at the festival it’s more like a pork and fish festival”.

The Festival has been growing from year to year. Guiste has appealed to the general public to come and support this year’s festival.

“We want to take the opportunity to invite people to come to Bagatelle. At the festival we will have the sound of Club DVD, the Swinging stars Band and the Midnight Groovers. We will also feature local bands from Bagatelle and Petite Savanne”.

Sponsors for this year’s Pork Festival include the Government of Dominica, LIME Dominica, The Grandbay Credit Union, Josephine Gabriel and Company Ltd, Carib Sand and Stone, Carib Beer and Petro Caribe.

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