President of Dominica H.E. Eliud Williams believes the creation of good job opportunities is necessary in light of the country’s limited natural resource base.

The island’s Head of State was addressed the opening of the First Meeting of the Fourth Session of the Eighth Parliament at the House of Assembly on Wednesday.

He recommended that in order to achieve the best results, the country must continue along the path of sound investment in secondary and tertiary education for the development of the requisite skills to meet the development challenge.

H. E. President Williams said, “These educational and skills training programs will also contribute vastly to an increase in the number, quality, variety and success of micro , small and medium sized business enterprises as these businesses offer the best potential for successful transformation of our economy for an enhanced quality of life for all.”

H.E. President Williams also suggested the enacting of legislation which supports the development of small and medium sized enterprises.

He noted, “Such legislation will define the scope, responsibilities, technical assistance and incentive package required to facilitate greater contributions by SME.  Government therefore needs to continually find innovative ways to make it easier to start and grow a business”

The country’s Head of State also recommended that a greater partnership should be forged between the public and private sector.  He indicated that this will help promote dialogue and a deeper understanding of the policy measures and strategic directions.

“The benefits to be derived from such a high level partnership between Government, private sector, academia, youth, women’s organizations, the media, the Diaspora and civil society could then lead to all joining hands with everyone involved being held accountable by their respective constituents and by the wider Dominican society.”