Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit says the current administration remains focused on the job of strengthening the local economy.

He told Parliament on Wednesday that this is being achieved through targeted interventions for growth and job creation.

He said, “We recognize the challenging times.  We recognize we must grow ourselves out of these challenges.  As much as the conditions are non-ideal we will nonetheless pursue the right fiscal and economic policies and build on our successes. We must stay on course and remain focused on the commitment to improve the lives of the Dominican people. We must therefore continue to take actions which will cause the economy to grow.”

The Dominica Leader is confident that the programme outlined in the 2013/2014 fiscal budget indicates that the prospects are good and his administration will meet its desired growth objectives.

The Prime Minister noted, “It is important for our citizens to appreciate from the outset the great lengths which this Government has gone to be fiscally responsible and non-political in the management of this country’s resources in the last very challenging years. From the day of our first election into office to the present, we have conducted the business of this house and the management of our country’s resources in as responsible and mature a manner as to be expected of any administration.”

The 2013/2014 fiscal budget was presented on Wednesday under the theme ‘Building on the Gains We Have Made.’

From the onset, the Dominica leader announced that the budget would include no new taxes or unrealistic promises.

“Our economy is too delicately poised and the regional and international economic environment too volatile and uncertain for us to make rash or opportunistic decisions,” he stated.

Prime Minister Skerrit is seeking parliamentary approval for estimates of expenditure amounting to 474.7 million dollars.