Parliamentary Representative for the Capuchin Constituency, Hon Reginald Austrie along with GIS News visited the Capuchin road where work is ongoing to make travel easier for users.

The project has been divided into three parts each supervised by a local contractor.

Jeffery Romain, who is in charge of the second section explained to GIS News that his section of the project has been ongoing for almost two months.  He said it is expected to be completed before the end of July.

Hon Reginald Austrie acknowledged that the project which spans capuchin to Tan-Tan is a much-needed Government investment.

According to Hon. Austrie, the road already in deplorable condition was made worst by the digging-up of the road during the 25 million dollar West Coast water project which terminated in Capuchin.

He added that the poor road became a source of agitation for both pedestrians and motorists.  The original plan was to restore the road to its former state but funds were insufficient to complete the task of such repairs.

At this point Hon. Austrie said, ““Government stepped in and the Prime Minister made 1.7 million dollars available for the rehabilitation of the entire road because the road was in such a condition that it could not be repaired and what you see now is a complete rehabilitation of the entire road from Tan Tan to Capuchin.”