The Nation’s Minister for Education and Human Resource Development recently clarified the reason behind Government’s policy of education for all.

The Minister was speaking at a recent ceremony where members of the diaspora presented eight students of the Castle Bruce Community with scholarships to attend the Castle Bruce Secondary School.

Hon Saint Jean spoke on the subject of universal secondary education stating that the concept does not mean that students ought to under-perform.

The reason behind universal secondary education, he said, is to allow for all students to receive the opportunity to earn a high school education.

He sought dispel, the “fallacy” that since Dominica Labour Party Government introduced  Universal Secondary Education, students do not have to work and study as hard because every child must receive a secondary school education.

He explained, “That could not be further from the truth.  In fact let me seek to correct this fallacy, the concept of Universal Secondary Education seeks to ensure that every Dominican child is given an opportunity to attain secondary education.”

On that note, the Minister made a firm promise to persons present that their students will receive the opportunity to attain tertiary education.

“We will ensure that every child who completes high school successfully enters the state college.  We will pay the tuition for every child in the Castle Bruce Constituency.  This is a promise that we give to you the people here.”

That said, students were issued a stern warning to not waste the opportunities afforded them by their benefactors.

”If people recognize that you are in need and assist you, then you have to prove yourself worthy of what you are receiving.”

At that event, Parliamentary Representative for the Castle Bruce Constituency, Hon. Johnson Drigo expressed his sincere gratitude to members of the diaspora and urged parents to ensure their children’s success.