PM addresses the question of Elections

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit says the calling of elections is not a priority of his administration at this time.

The Dominica leader told reporters he is now focused on plans for the budget presentation on July 24 and other matters relating to the development of the island’s economy.

He stated, “I have to address this budget and other [matters] so the issue of elections is not on my mind at all. Elections will be when elections will be and when the Prime Minister pursuant to the provisions of the constitution advises the President.  At this time I am concerned about addressing the issues of unemployment among our people and continuing to improve the infrastructure of this country, addressing the issue of health care and the delivery of health services.  Not to say that elections are not important but there are many more important things at this time that I would like to concentrate on.  What I would say on elections is that whenever elections are called the Labour Party will be ready to return to office.”