Dominicans will be pleased with new hospital -PM

Over 1.7 million dollars towards the finalising of the designs for the new hospital has been made available by the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit explained that the conceptual design had already been presented to Government which was agreed to with certain amendments.

“There was one concern with the conceptual design, there was one building I believe with either two or three storeys and we wanted an extra storey to allow for private spaces for medical doctors who would be on call, who could have a place where they could rest so that they would not have to be too far away from the hospital in time of a critical need.”

He expressed his confidence in the Chinese design team saying, “I am sure that we will get this amendment to the conceptual design.  Once the team comes in then we will finalise that.”

He stated further, “Certainly the hospital will be virtually a new hospital, new structure and the conceptual drawing I have seen, I believe that it is something with which the Dominican people will be very pleased to have to add to the improvement of the health facilities and of course the delivery of health services in Dominica.

The Prime Minister told GIS news that a team of Chinese Officials are expected in Dominica shortly to present designs for the new hospital.