18 Million PRC Grant to facilitate several projects across the country

The Government of the People’s Republic of China has provided grant funds of 18 million dollars to the Government of Dominica to implement several community projects across the island.

The projects are expected to create jobs at community level and create greater economic activity.

The rehabilitation of the Lalay road in Grand Bay is one of those community projects scheduled to take place in the near future.

Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit stated that $1.5 million dollars will go towards the construction of this road.

“The project includes the replacing of the water lines in Lalay which is costing about half a million dollars and the reconstruction of the road complete with sidewalks, new drains and new surface will be about a million dollars.”

The Prime Minister further indicated that the reconstruction of the road will also include the reconstruction of the bridge crossing over from Pichelin to the health center, the Catholic Church and the community center.

Among the many projects which will be financed through the grant is the construction of a playing field for Roseau Central.

The Prime Minister explained that, “There were some challenges with the presence of a core house or two near the Dominica Grammar School but those two houses have since been relocated.”

He assured the residents of Roseau saying that, “Once the budget is passed we will commence the activities and [construct] a proper playing field for the residents of Roseau Central.”