Government commits to funding DSC tuition for residents of Penville

All students from Penville wishing to pursue tertiary level education come September 2013 will be guaranteed a place at the Dominica State College.

That certainty came from Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for the Vieille Case Constituency, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit at a recent town hall meeting.

The Prime Minister told residents that he will personally see to it that their tuition needs will be met by Government.

He began by saying, “We need to put better systems in place to ensure that we know every single child who is at the college.”

He assured residents that he would return in the month of August to meet with all the students who were currently attending college or who intend to attend college in September.

“We can get a proper registration going on to ensure that every single child who wants to go to the State College can get there.  And I give you the assurance that the Government will pay the tuition fees for every single child in this constituency and this village who wants to attend the State College.”

The Prime Minister urged the young people of the Penville community to take their education seriously, warning that there is no future for school drop outs.

“We have to take education seriously.  We have to stay in school.  We cannot drop out in high school and we cannot drop out of college.  We have to go through the struggles and the sacrifices to stay in school.  There is no future for you if you drop out of high school.  You have to stay in school and those of you who are out of school we need to get you back into school.”

The Prime Minister has always been a strong advocate for young people educating themselves.

Since assuming office, The Labour Party Administration has made significant investments in the country’s human resource development through the provision of a record number of scholarships.

The policy of the Labour Party Government is to have at least one University graduate in every household by 2015.