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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Infrastructural developments continue to take place across the island.

The newly rehabilitated Riviere Cyrique Health Centre is one such development.

The building which was originally built in the early 1980s had deteriorated to some extent over the years.

Government recognized the need for improvements to be made to the facility and approved one hundred and forty thousand dollars for the rehabilitation of that facility.

Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Fond, Riviere Cyrique Constituency, Hon. Ivor Stephenson says residents of Riviere Cyrique can now seek medical attention in an improved health centre.

“The ambiance here is much better, much more comfortable and much more user friendly.  Most of the patients [who] come here on a daily basis are saying how much more comfortable it is to be in a building that has so beautifully been refurbished by one of our local contractors.”

In keeping with Government’s policy to improve road networks across the country, the Grand Fond Parliamentary Representative says, “Not only has the health centre been refurbished but the roads in [this] area have been improved.  Just about a year ago the [condition of the road] leading up to the health centre was in a [deplorable state] …these roads have been refurbished.” 


The Grand Fond Health Centre was also completely renovated.







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