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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Students all over the island brought in their contributions to their respective schools last week on the occasion of the Education Trust Fund’s ‘Contribution Day’ previously known as ‘Dollar Day’.

This annual project is aimed at raising money to assist less fortunate students attending school to get a comfortable education.

At an interview with GIS News, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Education Trust Fund, Willie Fevrier said on Friday that although the organization receives donations from other sources, ‘Contribution Day’ gives all students an opportunity to make their own contributions to the Education Trust Fund.

He further stated, “Government makes its contribution, the private sector [and] the people in general so we just wanted a special opportunity for the schools to get involved.  We are expecting that the [school] principals, will encourage the parents to provide support to the Education Trust Fund by giving at least one dollar to contribute to the fund.”

Fevrier went on to share that the Education Trust Fund assists parents whose economic situation does not allow for adequate provision of necessary school supplies  and fees…in which case the Education Trust Funds assists with these expenses including text books, transportation and examination fees.

In addition to ‘Contribution Day’, funds are also raised from the organization’s annually held radio-thon and private sector donations.

Mr. Fevrier also revealed, “Various companies make regular annual contributions… [there are also] individuals who make regular annual contributions to the Education Trust Fund”

The Chairman hopes that funds collected this year will surpass ten thousand dollars as statistics indicate significant increases between 2009 and 2012.

In his call to the public he said, “If you have made your contribution this is an opportunity for the children themselves to assist their peers. There are some children who really are struggling to get their books and to pay the registration fees. [Many] of them apply to the Education Trust Fund and in order to be able to assist them we need to get the money. So if the children understand that, they will probably give up their little snack and make a contribution to the Education Trust Fund”

The Education Trust Fund is reporting approximately six hundred students being assisted annually with contributions from Government and the public. Donations are accepted year round.

The Education Trust Fund’s ‘Contribution Day’ was first launched in 2005.

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