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Thursday, 29 October 2020

The Government of Dominica will launch a National Public Awareness Programme on the O.E.C.S Economic Union when a mission from the O.E.C.S Secretariat arrives in Dominica on Tuesday June 11, 2013.

A release issued by the  Dominica’s Ambassador to the O.E.C.S and Caricom His Excellency Felix Gregoire on Friday, stated that the Public Awareness programme is aimed at providing information on the Economic Union to the General Public.

The mission according the news release, which will be for the period June 11, to 14, 2013 will be engaged in activities targeted at the Public and Private Sector as well as community groups and private citizens.

In addition, the release confirms that the mission will embark on television and radio programmes, town hall meetings, consultations with the Public and Private sector and a lecture at the Dominica State College.

The Mission will comprise a number of key resource persons, including Elma Gene Isaac from the O.E.C.S Regional Integration Unit, Senior Trade Policy Advisor, Allan Paul and Head of the Economic Development Policy Unit, Rodinald Soomer.

Programme officer of the Social and Sustainable Development Division, Peter Murray and Programme officer for the 10th EDF Integration and Trade Project, Debra Blackman will also form part of the esteemed mission.

The Mission will be assisted by resource persons from the National Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit,the Division of Trade, Labour Division and the O.E.C.S Export Development Unit.

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