The Government has made good on its promise to award two Dominican female athletes with scholarships.

On Monday the Government presented Shanee Angol with her letter of commitment which indicates that government will fund her studies all the way to university level.

Shanee, a student of the Pierre Charles Secondary School (PCSS) was awarded the scholarship, as a sign of government’s recognition for her outstanding achievement at the 2012 CARIFTA Games where she won Dominica a gold medal in Javelin.

Minister for Sports and Parliamentary Representative for the Grandbay Constituency, Hon. Justina Charles congratulated Shanee on her sporting achievements.

The parliamentary representative encouraged other students to aim for excellence in sports.

She says, “There can be many Shanee’s among you and all of you have the opportunity to excel.  [You can choose to excel] in sports, academically or any other area.  The opportunity is there for you, take advantage of it, make good use of it so that you too can one day excel.  I think Shanee has made the Pierre Charles Secondary school proud, she has made her parents and herself proud and she has made Dominica proud… So we need to applaud Shanee on her performance.”

The Parliamentary Representative urged Shanee to continue to make the best use of her opportunities.

“We want to know that when we award those scholarships that the children make very good use of the opportunity.”

Speaking directly to Shanee, the MP said, “You probably never thought that you would have been able to get a scholarship to continue secondary school and to get to college and to go to University.  You now have the opportunity to select a University of your choice so that you can continue your tertiary education.  You should take every opportunity and embrace it and make the best of it, [to build on the foundation you have already started.] Speaking with your teachers and your principal, it is my understanding that you’ve been an outstanding academic student.  I want to encourage you to continue to do well and become who you aspire to. ”

Education Minister, Hon. Petter Saint Jean says Shanee’s achievement in Sports has helped put Dominica on the map regionally and internationally.

The Minister attributed Shanee’s success to her hard work and the support of her community and school.

“Shanee is exceptional in every realm.  She has taken the PCSS and the community of Grand Bay and put them on the map of Dominica, on the Caribbean front and also internationally.  You at PCSS must be commended for that.  She could not have done it alone and so the members of staff and even more so Mr. Pacquette who has worked with Shanee.  You the student body have supported and encouraged her.  I believe that in your midst there are many other Shanees’.  Your turn is coming when you will shine.”

Last Friday the Government of Dominica made a similar presentation to fifth form student of the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, Luan Gabriel another Dominican athlete who has made Dominica proud.

Luan’s scholarship will allow her to pursue studies at the Dominica State College and any university of her choice.