Girls in ICT Day 2013

Dominica joined the rest of the world in celebrating ‘Girls in ICT Day’ on Thursday April 25th.

International Girls’ in ICT Day is an initiative backed by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) member states to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Government is of the view that women’s involvement in ICT can assist in promoting gender equality and will serve as a means of empowering Dominican women in particular.

Minister responsible for ICT, Hon. Ambrose George said efforts will continue to be made at a national level to get more girls involved in ICT.

In an address to commemorate Girls’ in ICT Day, Hon. George remarked that while girls continue to excel in many areas, academic or otherwise, ICT has become a decreasing pursuit of interest.

He said, “In Dominica we are aware that for well over a decade now our girls and young women constantly excel in almost every endeavour: academic pursuits, sports, business and economics, science, entrepreneurship and culture among other areas. The same is true in many parts of the world.”

“What is paradoxical though is that a number of school girls opting to study technology-related disciplines is on a decline in most countries worldwide. Therefore we, together with the world community, must be committed to champion the catalytic role a Tech Career can play in creating exciting, far-reaching opportunities for women and girls,” he said.

ICT jobs are ranked among the top twenty careers with the best pay and best long term prospects. The technology industry remains one of the world’s most robust sectors ever created.

The Minister emphasized that the career options in the field of ICT are endless.

“There’s a huge choice of areas where you can work.  [These include] the Commercial Sector, Government Agencies, Not for Profit Sectors and [also] Research.  You can work as Consulting Professionals or set up your own e-business; you can provide ICT solutions to local real estate agencies, hotels or utility companies here [in Dominica] as well as the region or to a multinational finance company. The sky is the limit.”

The Minister took time to congratulate Kendra Jean Jacques of the St. Martin Secondary School and her teacher, Vanessa Seraphin for winning the award for the best use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at the regional leg of the SAGICOR Visionaries Challenge held in Barbados recently.

International ICT Day is celebrated annually on the 4th Thursday in April.