Government continues to pay attention to the island’s road network.

In recent times, the Government of Dominica has paid much attention to rehabilitating a number of the island’s roads with the goal of ensuring that Dominica’s road network is significantly improved.

Public Works Minister, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore disclosed this week, that his Ministry is now paying attention to 18 specific feeder roads.

According to Blackmoore, work is being done in villages such as Riviere Cyrique, Laplaine, Belles, Salisbury, Cuba area, Grandbay, Grand Fond, Loubiere among other areas.

Hon. Blackmoore expressed that residents of the various communities are very appreciative of the work being done.

“From what I have heard from the various communities where these feeder roads are being constructed, the people are very happy. We are doing that to bring some relief in the first instance to persons in the various localities.”

The rehabilitation of these roads is also assisting members of the various communities to gain some employment, he said.

Taking into consideration tough economic times, Mr. Blackmoore believes that the work being done is “commendable.”

“We recognise, as a Government, that we have to place emphasis on all our roads, including our feeder roads,” he said.