Government Enhances Drainage in Hillsborough Gardens, St. Joseph

Government continues to ensure that the needs of each community are looked after.

Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph Constituency, Hon. Kelvar Darroux, took time to update the nation on Government’s impact on the community of Hillsborough in St. Joseph.

Hon. Darroux spoke on site of a massive community-based project to improve drainage in a recently- upgraded housing area.

Government, in 2006, signed contracts to construct thirty houses in that community and according to Hon. Darroux, the ongoing drainage project serves to complement that move.

“Currently we are undertaking a project to have the drains in this area completely rehabilitated.  The contracts were awarded to two contractors from the community of St. Joseph. Each of the contracts is in the range of over $200,000. I must say this is a very important project.  Since the persons who are already occupying the houses here at Hillsborough Gardens have mentioned the need to improve on the drainage,   Government has seen need to ensure that we can accomplish this task within a short period of time. Of course we have the employees here from the community of Layou thus providing local employment.”

According to Andre Dennis, who is one of the contractors on this project, the remaining five hundred feet of drains to be constructed should be complete by the end of May.

Dennis considers the project a worthwhile one for which Government should be commended.

“I think this is a very good thing that the Government is doing.  When you watch the housing situation the houses were built about three years ago and now the drains are being done. Hopefully the roads will be done immediately after the drains. So we are looking forward to see what else could be done for the residents. We thank the Government in a special way for creating this form of employment.”


The area’s Parliamentary Representative noted Government’s intentions for the Hillsborough Gardens community and housing in general.

“We had the drains constructed, we had the street lights erected and moving further we will have the streets here asphalted so that we can have a modern community constructed here in the heights of Hills borough Gardens. All this is an effort to ensure that Government continues to provide housing and make lands available for people. I also want to highlight that this area is in modern St. Joseph and we are looking forward to people coming here to really add more value to this area in terms of maybe adding a shop and  other amenities that would really heighten this area and provide more of a community spirit here at Hillsborough Gardens.  I’m very pleased with the atmosphere here thus far and persons who have purchased houses here at Hillsborough Gardens. As we move forward we should continue to work together to help develop this entire area.”

With these improvements, Hon Darroux sees the community of Hillsborough Gardens as an area well-poised for residential expansion.

“It is a newly- developed area which incorporates the village expansion of St Joseph. Hillsborough Gardens comprises over 39 acres of lots which are currently on sale. Government continues to place tremendous emphasis on infrastructural development in the area. As a the Member of Parliament, I have made representation to ensure that the roads have been properly asphalted so we can see a new image of the area and the residents of this area can really embrace the new St Joseph which we have created up at Hillsborough Gardens”.


He invites Dominicans, especially public servants, to consider planting roots in his constituency.

According to the Parliamentary Representative, Government continues to make affordable loans available through its Housing and Loans Board to make owning a home easier for public servants.

Nine street lights were recently erected to improve the level of security in the area.