Government calls for a more effective Public Works Corporation

Government is looking to address with urgency structural issues at the Public Works Corporation (PWC) which will assist in making the corporation function more efficiently.

In recent times, there have been concerns about what could be regarded as wastage by the Corporation of Government’s resources.

Public works Minister Rayburn Blackmoore told members of the Media this week, that efforts are on the way to ensure greater accountability by the Corporation.

“I am aware that a business plan has been completed and submitted, where we are looking at all the weaknesses and the strengths to see how we can correct the weaknesses in moving forward. I believe that it is in the interest of the country to ensure that we have a Public Works Corporation that is effective and we have to work together to ensure that this is done.

“I have been advised that in terms of the outstanding payments, that have been met. If we do not look at the structural issues at the Public Works that issue will be reoccurring. ” Minister Blackmoore stated.

The Public Works minister said that all the debt of the corporation is guaranteed by the state.

He said with this in mind, it is in the interest of the state and the country to ensure that the Public Works Corporation functions efficiently.

“Our efforts are directed at ensuring that there is accountability and ensuring that when any company is paid to patch a road, it is patched properly “noted Minister Blackmoore.

“A contract should not be partially executed and expected to be paid in full” the Minister further pointed out.

The Minister is hoping that staff at the Corporation will adopt a more professional approach to their work.

“We are looking at a situation whereby persons can get the sense that when they go out to work, they have the mindset of a contractor. Minister Blackmoore said “Within that mindset, they have to go out and do the work to the highest degree of efficiency and speed.”

The Minister suggested that the issue of output is very important.

“It’s something that has to be paid by the public, so the public has to get value for money. We have to ensure that we put systems in place to ensure that when a contract is entered into between the state and any contractor that the state gets value for money” emphasized Minister Blackmoore.

The Public Works Corporation (PWC) is directed by a board which was recently appointed by the Minister.

Recently, former manager of the Waitukubuli National Trail Project, Eddie Henry was appointed to run the affairs of the Corporation on a two- year contract basis in the first instance.

The Public Works Corporation currently has one hundred and thirteen workers on staff.