Numeracy Task Force to monitor teaching of Math

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has put in place a Numeracy Task Force which will observe the way Mathematics is taught at both Primary and Secondary schools.

Education Minister Hon. Petter Saint Jean in addressing the start of a three- day numeracy training workshop for Primary school Principals and Teachers on Monday April 15th said this is one mechanism being used by the Ministry of Education to improve numeracy in schools.

“The Numeracy Task Force is charged with overseeing the operations of Mathematics at primary and secondary schools” he said.

The Education Minister said the Task Force has already identified ways to improve achievement in Mathematics.

He noted that the Ministry will seek to implement several initiatives recommended by the Task Force.

One such initiative, according to the Minister, soon to be launched, is a television program geared at improving the way in which Mathematics is taught.

The Minister disclosed that the programme dubbed “MATH IN ACTION” is expected to be aired on the Government Information Service (GIS) later this month.

“I want to take this opportunity to commend the Task Force for its newest initiative-a program which to my mind is a new approach to learning and teaching of Mathematics”.

The Minister has described the soon to be launched television program as” a creative way of reaching students even after they have packed their bags and have gone home”.

To compliment these initiatives, the Ministry of Education has put in place full time learning support advisors to assist teachers in the delivery of Mathematics lessons.

In addition, the Government of Dominica continues to provide training for Mathematics teachers under the Dominica Education Enhancement Project.

Five teachers are currently pursuing first degrees in Mathematics. This, the Ministry hopes will result in improved performances by Dominican students at both national and external examinations.