The Operation Youth Quake on Friday past received a significant amount of furniture, appliances and equipment that would go toward the daily operations at the institution.

The OECS Secretariat and US AID collaborated to develop the Juvenile Justice Reform Project which caters to juveniles within the OECS. Discussions between the two entities concluded that children and youth were a priority group deserving of support.

The Juvenile Justice Program was launched in Dominica in 2012.  Esther Thomas gave a brief overview of the project.

She explained that this support project is to certify that young people are taken care of well.

“All of this support is aimed at ensuring that the residents taken in by the OYQ will be well cared for, the programmes that they do enhance their well-being and indeed we can see these children do not necessarily remain in this residence but they are returned to their families to continue living a healthy life within society.”

Hon. Gloria Shillingford, Minister for Social Services in her remarks expressed her gratitude to the OECS and US AID for the donation and applauded the operation youth quake for their work with Dominica’s youth and urged residents of the OYQ to make the best use of the gift they received

She says, “On behalf of the Government and the people of Dominica, I would like to express heartfelt thanks to the OECS and the US AID who have partnered to make the handing over of this furniture and equipment a reality.”

She noted that this donation will improve the quality of life at OYQ and assist in the implementation of new skills for the youth.

OECS Commissioner Felix Gregoire expressed his delight and gratitude to the OECS Secretariat and US AID for their timely contribution.

“As a Dominican I’m happy that the OECS and US AID were able to provide the funding for the furniture and the equipment for the operation youth quake.”

The OECS commissioner then thanked and congratulated the OYQ for its tremendous work for the past 34 years.

He says, “I must say there have been results despite the challenges.  I am very happy with the ambiance at the Operation Youth Quake.  It is an indication of the pride that you have in your work.”

Under this initiative Chances also benefitted from two laptops and the Social Centre is next on the list to receive its supplies. A training program for staff at OYQ also forms part of the project.

Lennox Abraham, Manager of OYQ says has been dedicated to assisting Dominica’s young people since its inception.

The project is supported by the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative and came into effect on October 2011.  It is expected to last until September 2014.