Dominica welcomes new Serbian Ambassador

The Government of Serbia has appointed H.E. Marina Perovic - Petrovic as its first Ambassador to Dominica.

The Ambassador presented her credentials to the President of Dominica, H.E. Eliud Williams on March 27, 2013.

The new Ambassador spoke of her country's wishes to contribute to the further development of relations with Dominica.

She said there are various subjects and fields that can be tried and tested to improve relations between the two countries.

“Also in the international arena there are many things that we can discuss such as the fight against crime, terrorism, how to get food supplies and how to make it easier regarding climate warming.  Europe feels it but Caribbean countries feel it much much more than we do...”

President Williams is very optimistic that relations between Dominica and the Republic of Serbia will progress as a result of the appointment of the first Ambassador.

“It is my expectation that during your term of office you will work to continue to strengthen these relations and how we might be able to build on whatever initiatives that have already been taken and particularly to be able to use the resources and expertise of your country in the areas of energy, capacity building and training.  I also notice that you are very strong in terms of generic drug procurement as well as information technology.  These are all areas that would be of interest to us.  We have also in the past provided support to your country in the international arena and would look forward to continue to do so whenever possible”

Dominica and the Republic of Serbia established diplomatic relations in 2010.