Dominican teachers better equipped to provide special needs education

Advocate for the Alpha Centre, Claudia Bellot welcomed a programme which will improve the ability of teachers to impart knowledge to children with special needs.

Teachers of the Alpha Centre recently benefitted from a special training programme offered by Consultant Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Orleans, Canada.

Bellot who is also the President of the Dominica Association of the Mentally Handicapped welcomed the group to the island and encouraged the teachers to tap into the resources and expertise of the visiting team.

She says this training will contribute to the continued development of the services offered by the alpha centre.

“Here at the Alpha Centre, we provide facilities for children who have special needs and we’ve been doing that for a very long time now.  We started in a very small way and have built progressively on our programs over the years. As we continue to operate the centre we would like to continue to improve and to be the best that we can be and to offer the students who come here improved programmes.  We also want to learn from what other countries are doing and learn from your skills as I’m sure you have access to research and to areas where I’m sure you think we can improve.”

Presently the Alpha Centre caters to forty students who have special needs.

Bellot believes the training will not only benefit the teachers of the Alpha Centre but the other schools providing special needs programmes.

“I am sure there are many more children out there who require the kind of services that the Alpha Centre provides.  The Ministry of Education is attempting to integrate special needs programmes into mainstream schools and so the teachers who are here from the Ministry of Education you have an opportunity to imbibe some of the skills that are being given and to ensure that whenever you have children at your schools that require special attention that you can provide that special attention to them.”

Claudia Bellot has been associated with the Alpha Centre from its inception.  She thanked the Rotary Club Volunteers from Orleans Canada for the special needs training and called for a long-term partnership to be developed.