Work on West Coast Water Supply Project advances

Work on the $30 million dollar West Coast Water Supply Project is now at an advanced stage.


The project which is being done in three phases is funded by the European Union (EU) and the Government of Dominica and when complete is expected to improve the water supply to residents from Salisbury to Capuchin.


DOWASCO’s Public Relations Officer, Edward Registe in an interview with the Government Information Service (GIS) this week, said much of the pipe-laying works has been completed.


“That project was divided into three Lots: Lot One would see the construction of two intakes and two treatment facilities, one on the Picard river and one on the Coulibistrie river. That part of the project was awarded to ACE Engineering and they have been progressing quite steadily on that aspect of the project.”


Registe said a significant amount of work has been done on the construction of the access routes for the new intakes in both Picard and Coulibistrie. He said work is also progressing on the construction of the treatment facilities.


“We are also seeing a lot of work being done on the pipe works within that Lot of the project and we are satisfied with what we are seeing so far… [from] ACE Engineering.”


Registe told GIS that work on Lot Two of the project is also nearing completion.


“We also have seen quite a bit of work done on Lot Two which involved the laying of iron pipes between the communities of Salisbury and Capuchin. Thirty-two kilometers of pipelines have been laid along the West coast of Dominica and that is basically completed. We arrived in Capuchin a few months ago and we are very happy about that,” confirmed Registe.


He said road reinstatement work which needed to be done between Tan Tan and Capuchin is now ongoing. In addition, Registe said pressure testing is now ninety-nine percent complete.


“Lot Two, I can say is more than ninety percent complete and we are hoping that we can continue the project and move on satisfactorily as [much as] possible.”


Lot Three of the West Coast Water Supply Project will involve the construction of nine storage tanks.  Registe said that aspect of the project is expected to get underway as soon as funding has been identified by Government.