Ferreira of the St. Martin’s primary school has topped the 2022 Grade Six National Assessment.

Ms. Ferreira received a’s in the four tested subject areas, namely Mathematics, Science, Language-Arts and Social Sciences.

The results were announced at a press conference held at the Public Service Union Building on Monday, July 11, 2022.

Minister of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence, Hon. Octavia Alfred listed the top ten students in this year’s exams.

“The top performers are Danelle Ferreira of the St. Martin’s Primary School; Jonathan Theophille of the St. Mary’s Academy; Makayla Hosford of the St. Martin’s Primary; Jehovanny Hill of Berean Christian Academy; Sienna Andrew of the St. Martin’s Primary; Naima Sorhaindo Goodwill Primary; Currelle Esprit Paix Bouche Primary; Kai Ke from the Christian Union Primary School; Emmanuel Drigo of Convent Preparatory; and Osa-Marie Hunter of Pioneer Prep.,” Hon. Alfred announced.

This year a total of seventy eight scholarships and ninety three bursaries were awarded to the top performing students around the island.

“The Ministry of Education continues to provide students who excel with scholarships and bursaries. There are other forms of assistance for all students under the text book scheme, transportation scheme, school transfer grant, uniform allowance and other forms of assistance from the Education Trust Fund. On the basis of this year result, the Ministry of Education has decided to award all students who obtained 4 As, 3 As and 1 B, 3 As and 1 C, or 2 As and 2 Bs. Bursaries are to be awarded to those students who obtained the equivalent of 4 Bs or better but did not qualify for the award of scholarships. Consequently seventy-eight students have were awarded scholarships and ninety three students were awarded bursaries,” the Education Minister explained.

Hon. Alfred then congratulated the top performers as well as teachers and staff who assisted them during the school year.

“I again congratulate the students who performed well in this year’s assessment. Commendations are due to the principals, teachers and school support staff who assisted them in preparing for the exams. Additionally, I extend thanks to the officers of the Ministry of Education for the continuous supervision and support provided to schools. Parents also played a significant role in student’s achievement and I commend them for their commitment to their children’s education over the past years,” Hon. Alfred added. 

Meanwhile, GIS News caught up with two of the top performing students and their parents.

Ms. Makayla Horsford of the St. Martin’s Primary School, who placed number three on island says she is happy that her hard work has paid off.

“I am very happy to know that my hard work paid off and my sleepless nights and all the people that pushed me and I am very happy to know that it paid off. I must say it was harder online that face to face and a lot of children suffered difficulties f poor internet. But that didn’t happen to me as much as other but we all pushed through it. Thanks to my mother especially, she was always there for me, she gave me encouragement and prayed for me so I am very grateful to her,” Ms. Hosford stated.

Mother of Makayla Hosford, Ms. Tarah Joseph says that although her daughter has consistently excelled a school over the years, she was still shocked at the results. 

“The school, the parents and the students must work together for there to be success. If we don’t it won’t happen, we will not succeed. It must be a group effort. I cannot explain. My heart, my feelings its, on Lord. She has surprised me. I was expecting a scholarship to be honest because she has always performed for me, but I was not expecting her to be third on the island I will be honest with that. She has always promised me that mummy I am going to make the papers for you and she has succeed in that and I am thankful to her, to God and to everybody else that helped,” Ms. Joseph stated.

Sienna Andrew, also from the St. Martin’s Primary School came fifth in the island. She says she is proud of her hard work and her ability to push through.

“I have been maintaining my grades. I was surprised but at the same time I was surprised because even if I knew I did my best for the exams, I still felt a little bit of doubt but I am very happy that I pushed through even when I was at my lowest. It was very challenging considering all the technical malfunctions. Some children don’t have a device, or your battery dies, your internet connection is poor or whatever happens that day; there were so many problems. I didn’t have those problem but I knew of children who had those problems and I felt bad for them because sometimes even the teachers had issues but either way we still worked hard, and we tried and we pushed through all of that,” Ms. Andrew noted.

Ms. Andrew says that while there was some doubt after the exams, she is proud and relieved that her grade six class was able to perform well for her school and teachers who worked hard with them.

“I am very, very relieved because after the exams everyone was saying that it was very hard and it was challenging and such but God has a way of twisting things so we did end up getting the top student and I am very happy, and I want to thank the teachers and the students and Mrs. Morrow as well,” Ms. Andrew added.

Vanessa Felix, who is the mother of Sienna Andrew says she is extremely proud of the achievements of her daughter as it is proof of the hard work that she has put in.

“I am very, very, very proud. It isn’t much of a surprise but on those days anything can happen especially on the examination day but we continued to encourage her and as much as possible we kept her calm so that she was able to pull through,” Ms. Felix noted.

A total of eight hundred and fifty-four students wrote the exams across 70 centres around the island, including four hundred and seventeen girls and four hundred and thirty-seven boys. The exams were held on June 23 and 24 2022.