A sixteen-million-dollar Regional Emergency Shelter is being built in then Castle Bruce constituency as the Government of Dominica continues towards its goal of becoming the world’s first climate resilient nation.

The five-storey building will be the second of its kind built in Dominica and will serve as a hurricane shelter for residents of the Castle Bruce Constituency.

Member of Parliament for the Castle Bruce Constituency, Hon. Octavia Alfred stated that this shelter will have dedicated spaces for the community’s most vulnerable residents, including the elderly and young children.

She explained that the building will not only be used during the hurricane season but will also be used to host community activities as well as youth training programmes.

“This is something that it important for Castle Bruce because sometime we want to have activities and wasted must use a tenet be caused there is not a building that we can use. We can have activities; we can have weddings and receptions. We are also looking at how we can incorporate some training programmes for our women and our young people using this building so as of now we are busy outing together some initiatives and some ideas because we do not want this building to be underutilized. Not because it is a shelter that it will just be locked up waiting for a hurricane. We promised that we ill make good use of this shelter and we are grateful to the Government for remembering this area and our vulnerability,” Minister Alfred stated.

Quality Control Engineer for this project, Mr. Rob Douglas explained that when completed the shelter will be equipped to host approximately 500 people for an extended period.  

“It is truly resilient in that is completely 100 percent concrete, so it is very, very strong. It is going to be able to house up to 500 people in the event of a disaster. We have got adequate water provision and adequate electricity provision to house people for an extended period of time,” Mr. Douglas stated.  

Resident of Castle Bruce, Ms. Royette George is thankful for the investment saying “we have quite a slate of people who are ready and willing for when this building comes up so that we can work hard and keep our community safe.”

Meanwhile, the Government of Dominica’s ongoing housing revolution continues to touch the lives of Dominicans, as residents of Castle Bruce are receiving individual homes built by PRECONCO.

Member of Parliament, Hon. Octavia Alfred explained that these homes will be given to residents who deserve it, most of whom lost their homes due to the passage of Hurricane Maria.

“As of now we have nine houses to be completed. We also have two that are being built under the Government Housing Programme sponsored by the World Bank. These are for very deserving people and we are thankful that our elderly can be safe and comfortable,” Hon. Alfred stated.

Resident of the Casle Bruce Constituency and recipient of a newly constructed home, Ms. Inid Hector expressed her gratitude to the Government of Dominica and anyone involved in the construction of her new home.  is grateful for the gift of a home. Ms. Hector, whose house was destroyed in 2017 awaits the day she will move in to her new home.

“God bless everyone that take care of me with the home because I had nowhere to stay. Thank you to all those who helped me when I didn’t have a home and thank you to my government for the home I will be getting,” Ms. Hector noted.

Sixty-six-year-old, Mr. John Philbert Labassiere is another recipient of a new home. Mr. Labassiere describes the house as a great blessing from the Government of Dominica going on to express his thanks for his new house.

“I just giving God praise for what I will get, for the Government and for the World Bank. I can only give God praise,” he went on say.

Another recipient, Ms. Noelise Laurent also expressed her joy and gratitude to the Government and her Parliamentary Representative Hon. Octavia Alfred.

“I glad for the people who are building my house. And I just want God to bless them, bless my government and bless my Pal Rep because they are good people taking care of God’s people,” Ms. Laurent added.

Apartment buildings were also handed over to residents of Castle Bruce in September of 2019 as part of the housing revolution.