Coordinator of the Digital Economy, Mr. Robert Tonge has encouraged young entrepreneurs to make use of social media platforms to expand their business.  

Mr. Tonge made that statement while addressing the third installment of a series of virtual symposiums hosted by the Ministry of Public Works and Digital Economy in collaboration with CREAD.

The five part series will discuss Dominica’s Digital Economy agenda as well as help businesses and citizens to benefit from digital tools and services.

Mr. tonge told the entrepreneurs that they should use social media trends to ensure that they keep their clients and customers.

“I want to remind persons that one platform is not sufficient. You have Facebook, you have Twitter, you have Instagram, you have LinkedIn, you have Youtube and you have Snapchat among others. Another very important thing is to understand the trends; and when the trends are moving, you too have to move there quickly. Many people are scared to move to a new platform because they feel like it’s going to take time to get established. But if you don’t move, it means everyone else is going to leave you there,” Mr. Tongue stated.

He went on to note the Government in collaboration with its numerous partners are excited to put plans in place so that the digital economy can benefit all Dominicans.

“This is the opportunity for you as business people because that information allows you to target persons at the respective times. So for those of you who are trying to sell your service, content is key. Consistent posting is key. It takes to build a platform so you have to be persistent, consistent and relevant. So the government of Dominica is really excited about the whole issue of the digital economy and many programs are in place to allow all of you and all of us in Dominica to benefit from it, not only the private sector but also the public sector will have lots of initiatives; we have many partners who are all working together with us to ensure that we can move dominica in the right direction,” Mr. tonge further added.