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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Plans are afoot to transform the old Acute Psychiatric Unit (APU) building of the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) to a state of the art Conference centre.

Health Minister Hon. Julius Timothy made the disclosure when he addressed a recent activity at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The Minister revealed that earlier plans to demolish the APU building were reversed based on an engineer’s report which confirmed that the building was in fact structurally sound.

“When I became Minister for health this building was up for demolishing. When I saw the amount of money involved in getting this building demolished I said let us get an engineer’s report on the structural integrity of the building, The report said the building is sound and can give us another twenty to thirty years. I decided we were not going to spend that money destroying this building but we were going to utilize it and this is intended to be our Conference centre.” he noted

The minister for health disclosed further that with assistance from the Ross University school of Medicine the new conference facility will be equipped with all necessary equipment.

“We got Ross University involved and they are keen on providing all the equipment necessary to start this building. The intention is we will have a state of the art podium, we will have our viewing facility with video conferencing centre as well as tables and chairs with a view to holding conferences here. Each table will have its own speaker system which will allow the participants to all interact. We also intend to put an accordion partition to accommodate two sessions at the same time” the Minister confirmed.

Minister Timothy said plans are also to house important health departments within the old APU building. This will include the health information Unit and an oncology department.

“At the back our health information Unit will be accommodated. Downstairs is going to be our Oncology department. Ross University school of Medicine has agreed to provide all the equipment and the furnishings.  We will have our Drug Information Unit downstairs as well. So this building is going to be fully utilized and the intention is really for it to look good.”

The plan is to have the conference centre at the PMH ready for use sometime early in the New Year.

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