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Monday, 28 September 2020


North-East: The south-western boundary of the Mahaut Constituency;

East: From the intersection of the Boeri River and Eastern Boundary of the Mahaut Constituency along a straight line to the intersection of the Trafalgar and Wotten Waven Roads; .

South-East: From the intersection of the Trafalgar and Wotten Waven roads westerly along the northern side of the main road towards Roseau, then along the St. Aroment and Goodwill Cliffs to the intersection of the Northern and North-Eastern Boundaries of the Roseau Central Constituency then along the Northern Boundary of the Roseau Central Constituency;

West: The sea.



Goodwill, Fond Cole, Morne Daniel, Pottersville, Tarish Pit, Stock Farm, Yampiece



Joseph Isaac – Dominica Labour Party

Daniel Lugay – United Workers Party


N.B There are twenty-two (22) candidates who will be contesting elections for the first time and thirteen (13) female candidates.

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