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Saturday, 11 July 2020

A brand new concrete road in the village of Mero will make the driving experience in that part of the country a much more pleasant one.

Thanks to the visionary thinking and intervention of the Government of Dominica.

Mero in recent times has become increasingly popular and Parliamentary Representative for the St.Joseph Constituency Hon. Kelvar Darroux believes this new project is timely.

“This is a very important project. As you know Mero is a very vibrant Tourism community and as member for Parliament for the area I felt it necessary to place tremendous emphasis on the rehabilitation of this road” said Darroux.

The Parliamentary representative is of the view that this road project will add to the enhancement of the coastal village.

“This road will improve the aesthetics of this community to a very great extent in that when the tourist and locals alike come into Mero they can appreciate the type of work that we have done here”, he remarked.

The Government of Dominica invested over fifty thousand dollars on the rehabilitation of the Mero road and the Parliamentary Representative is grateful to Government for considering this project as a priority.

“I must say thanks to the Prime Minister for his assistance as well as the Minister for Public works for really ensuring that this project came to fruitIon. The Government of Dominica remains committed and as member for parliament I will continue to work to ensure that we continue to work together with the community for its development” the MP concluded.

The recently rehabilitated road in Mero road extends from the entrance of that village to the end.

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