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Monday, 26 October 2020

Work on new structures which will replace the old Princess Margaret Hospital will begin in 2013.

On Friday December 14th 2012 the Governments of Dominica and the People’s Republic of China signed an economic and technical cooperation agreement valued at $10 Million US Dollars for the construction of the new hospital.

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit who signed on behalf of the Government of Dominica describes the new Princes Margaret Hospital project as one which has been long overdue.

The country’s leader is delighted that such an important development project for Dominica will commence soon.

“We look forward to the commencement of the new hospital in 2013. This is going to be a major project. For me personally in all the projects that would have been financed by China this hospital for me would be among the better of projects because health care is so critical to the wealth of a nation” he noted.

The Prime said while the Government has been making investments in health care the optimal benefits cannot be seen in the present environment at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

“Clearly this hospital should have been replaced twenty-five, thirty years ago nonetheless we will in 2013 be replaced and provide a better facility, a better environment for our citizens”he noted.

The Prime Minister expressed gratitude for this financial support coming from China in this globally challenging economic time.

“This is the level of assistance that China is giving to Dominica at a time when every country in the world is grappling with its own economic and fiscal challenges including China, but it is because of progressive policies by the Communist Party of China they have been able to weather the economic and financial storm better than most” PM Skerrit stressed.

The Prime Minister said China continues to be a true friend of Dominica.

“If they (China) were to tell us that this 70 million RNB ($10 Million US) that we offered you on this new contract we are unable to do so, we in Dominica would understand because at a time when developing partners are giving less than they would normally give, China has not only maintained its promises to us, it continues to offer greater assistance in many areas. We would like to thank the Ambassador and his staff profoundly and ask that he conveys to his capital the gratitude of the Government and people of Dominica for this very wonderful gift.”

Chinese Ambassador to Dominica His Excellency Wang Zonglai signed on behalf of the Chinese Government. He gave a commitment to continue working in the interest of the growing relationship between Dominica and the People’s Republic of China.

Meanwhile a team of visiting Chinese architects last October toured the site for the construction of new buildings, which will be added to the existing structures for the new Princess Margaret Hospital.

Designs for the new hospital have been submitted to Government for its scrutiny.

The construction of the new princess Margaret hospital project is estimated to commence in six to nine months, while construction will be complete in two years.

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