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Thursday, 09 July 2020

Flow of vehicular traffic has been restored in the Hampstead Area through a nearby bypass following the collapse of the bridge. The Hampstead Bridge failed last week, thus obstructing access to the communities of the north-north-east.

Parliamentary Representative for the Paix Bouche Constituency Honorable Roslyn Paul stated that work was ongoing in the area to rehabilitate the bridge at the time of the collapse.

Honorable Paul urged the public to exercise patience as works continue to restore the bridge in the future.

“Work was ongoing as a contract was signed for dredging the river and repairs to the Hampstead Bridge. Unfortunately it happened to collapse but already a contract was signed for works on that bridge. Since, then a bypass has been built so traffic continues and you would have heard the Minister of Public Works also made mention of putting in a bailey bridge shortly in the interim because all of us in Dominica would know that works and survey has already been done,” the Minister stated.

She added that works are ongoing on numerous bridges in the north and north east of the island, as the Government continues to work towards developing and improving the road network.

“Works are ongoing from Pagua to Portsmouth, and all of these bridges would form part of the project replacement of these bridges. But we are taking action and we are doing proactive works to at least repair the bridges in this area including Hampstead. So we ask the public to just be patient and we will benefit from a bailey bridge as I said and more permanent works in the future,” Minister Paul added.


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