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Thursday, 09 July 2020


The Rotary Club of Portsmouth has collaborated with is partners in Barbados donated sixteen computers to the Paix Bouche Primary School in its efforts toward the furtherance of the education of young people in Dominica.

Speaking at the donation ceremony Principal of the Paix Bouche Primary School Magdalene Honore stated that the long awaited project is well appreciated by the school and thanked the rotary club for their generous donation.

“We are delighted that the Rotary Club has seen the need to make this partnership official by having this handing over ceremony. The ravages of Hurricane Maria upon this school cannot be forgotten or overlooked. However, the blessings which have been bestowed upon the school as a result are truly tremendous. We shall forever be grateful to All Hands and Hearts Smart Response for the tremendous work done in restoring the school, and also for helping secure these ICT items on behalf of the school,” Honore stated.

Honore promised that the laptops and the accompanying equipment will be used to develop the education that the young minds of the school receive.

“I must confess that the donation of a photo copier, chrome books and projectors have indeed improved the efficiency of the school in the delivery of quality education to those entrusted in our care. It is therefore my duty and responsibility as a principal to ensure that these resources are firstly kept secured, and secondly put to productive use,” she noted.


Treasurer of the Portsmouth Rotary Club Hans Schilders stated that while the Paix Bouche Primary is the first on island to receive this donation from the club, they will collaborate with the Ministry of Education to install twenty-three more computer labs in primary schools across Dominica.

“In November, persons from Canada in collaboration with the Ministry, are going to install in twenty three primary schools around the island, computers like those you have received. But you are the first to get them,” he noted.

Schilders also revealed that the total value of the donation was approximately thirty-five thousand dollars including all amenities required for the computers to facilitate student’s education.

“We are happy to donate, on behalf of Rotary Barbados and Rotary Portsmouth, at a value of almost thirty-five thousand EC dollars, a set of computers including the charging station, including the internet routers and Wi-Fi, so that you the students will be able to learn about computers in a better way than just playing with your own phone and your tablet. You will learn to use the computers in a serious manner to advance in your learning,” he further added.

Rotaract District Governor Trevor Blake stated that as the club celebrates its Basic Education and Literacy month, it is only fitting for the donation to take place in September.

“In Rotary, we celebrate September as Basic Education and Literacy Month. And literacy is quite important in today’s world and we have to take it further. We live in an information age, and as young people growing up in an information age you have a tremendous opportunity to be what you want to be. You can find information readily at your fingertips and this equipment that is being handed over will be an important part in that process,” Blake stated.

Blake then congratulated the students on being the recipients of this donation and cautioned them to care for their new equipment.

“I ask you to care for the equipment that has been presented to you. It could last you long, and it can work wonders for you. This is a wonderful opportunity. You getting into computing at this early stage, you never know where it could end. Make the best. Use the equipment for positive things, to continue your education. I assure you that this equipment could take you much further than you would go without the equipment. Use it, and use it to good effect and benefit from it,” he added.  

Parliamentary Representative for the Paix Bouche Constituency Honorable Roslyn Paul extended her gratitude to the rotary club for their generous donation.

“We want to just recognize the Rotary Club who has donated computers to the Paix Bouche Primary School; computers that we know will be used effectively for students to research and for their learning. It is a very important tool in today’s world as we seek to upgrade our school system and facilities. So this is a very great contribution and I want, as the Parliamentary Representative, to convey my heartfelt gratitude for such partners in the development of our people and in particular the development of education that can benefit my constituents, the students of the Paix Bouche Primary School,” Paul stated.


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