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Monday, 28 September 2020

Since the implementation of Universal Early Childhood Education, improving the environment at early childhood institutions across the country has been an ongoing feat of the Government of Dominica.

In an effort to avoid overcrowding and to create the best learning environments for infants, government’s initiated renovation works are currently ongoing at a few centres on the island.

Centres at Marigot, Pichelin and Roseau are set to open in January because of those works; however, Minister for Education, Hon. Petter Saint Jean recently stated that government continues to pay full salaries to early childhood educators at those centres.

He says, “It gives me great pleasure in announcing that at these preschools, the Government of Dominica has undertaken to pay these teachers for the academic year while they are in transition.  They will however, continue to collect their school fees and contributions in preparation for being fully independent from the next academic year.”

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