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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Numerous tourism sites and stakeholders have benefited from the Ministry of Tourism as they handed over various facilities and items aimed at developing the tourism sector.

One washroom facility, eight vendor kiosks, and approximately three hundred beach chairs and umbrellas were given to the stakeholders.

Minister for Tourism and Culture Honourable Senator Robert Tonge says that due to the impact that the Mero beach has on the tourism sector, the Mero Enhancement Committee will receive the bulk of the items.

“As the Ministry of Tourism, the Government of Dominica we are pleased to be here. Because we feel that Mero is one of the key areas, and because you have done a fantastic job so far, you will get the bulk of the opportunity. So, we are giving out a hundred and fifty (150) umbrellas and a hundred and fifty (150) chairs which brings us to a total of three hundred (300) to share all across Dominica. The Mero area will receive forty-five (45) of these chairs and sixty (60) of the umbrellas” he stated.

“So, you can well imagine how Mero will be transformed with the with these chairs and umbrellas, but the service must fall in line with it,” he noted adding that “I cannot just see an umbrella and chair and decide I going to sit down on it, and from what I have seen you have the plan but let us make sure you execute it.”


Some of the other stakeholders around the island that will benefit from this initiative include Bubble Beach Spa in Scott’s Head with ten units, PAYS in Portsmouth with eighteen units, Toucari Beach with five units, Coconut Beach with sixteen units, Scott’s Head Beach with twenty units, Salisbury Beach with twenty-five units, Woodford Hill with sixteen units, Purple Turtle Area with seventeen units, Bell Hall with  ten units, Marigot Tourism Committee with five units, Keeping It Real with ten units, Castle Bruce with sixteen units and the Indian River with seventeen units.

The Minister went on to urge the recipients to care for the items, so that they can provide a longer service to their businesses, further adding that the Government remains committed to assisting the stakeholders to develop the sector.

“With all that being done, the following year or in the following three years the Ministry of Tourism cannot come back and give you the same set of stuff all over again. You have to take care of it. The residents have to take care of it. There are people being employed so all of us are benefiting from that so we have to ensure that we are taking care of these items. We cannot wait for hurricane to come and not put the inside. We have to make sure we take care of these items so that you are sustainable and you can do you work to the best of your abilities,” Senator Tonge added.   

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