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Friday, 10 July 2020

The Hon Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Petter Saint Jean says his ministry has made significant strides in restoring safe environments for learning for students in the wake of hurricane Maria.

Hon Saint Jean says the announcement of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of five primary schools by the government of Canada adds to the hard work done so far by his ministry.

“In several cases our students have had to function in less than ideal conditions. Notwithstanding we have made significant strides in our pursuit to restoring the education system back to a state of normalcy. We are therefore pleased that five schools have been identified for significant rehabilitation works and reconstruction in some case... for this we express profound gratitude to you,” Hon Saint Jean said.

He says his ministry has reviewed the standard operational procedures taking into consideration the national call to build resilience.

The education minister says he is proud of work done so far in his ministry to adjust, respond and adapt to climate change.

“Our schools are being reconstructed with more stringent building practices and safety codes designed to allow them to withstand disastrous events. Additionally, within the ministry of education we have conducted disaster preparedness training for every school on the island of Dominica to assist with the development of the schools’ safety plan,” he remarked.

“We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past,” he said.

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