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Thursday, 09 July 2020

Weather officials here are monitoring a weather system that could possibly impact Dominica by the middle of this week.

At a press briefing on Monday, acting Senior Meteorological Officer and weather forecaster, Marshall Alexander says a watch or warning may be issued for Dominica on Tuesday September 11 as the storm was anticipated to reach the island as a Category one hurricane.

However, on Tuesday morning Hurricane Isaac lessened in strength to a Tropical Storm as it moves westward towards Dominica.  A tropical storm watch or warning is expected to be issued for Dominica sometime later today Tuesday September 11.

It expected that the system will begin to affect Dominica on Wednesday.

The Hon Minister for Disaster Management, Joseph Isaac addressed the nation on Monday morning advising everyone to be prepared.

“All are asked to continue to remain vigilante and to monitor the progress of Isaac.  Remember the onus is on all of us to prepare for adverse events.”

“Residents in vulnerable areas and building structures should seek safe shelter either at designated shelters of the much promoted ‘neighbourly approach’.  Please bring along your necessities such as water, dried foods and other items to reduce the burden on the system.

He also called on village councils, parliamentary representatives and disaster committees to “work together seamlessly in order to ensure that all necessary actions are taken for the safety of vulnerable persons especially the elderly, children, physically and mentally challenged persons.” 

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