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Thursday, 02 April 2020

Hon Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit has reassured the nation that the situation of landslides at the Canefield cliff will soon be address by Government as the gravity of the situation is recognized.

Recently, a major landslide coming from the Canefield cliff unto the main road caused road block for several hours; last October a similar situation occurred in the same area.

The Nation’s leader says consultation for a bypass is underway while the Government seeks to find a more permanent solution for the area.

“We are in consultation with the French authorities who should be here next week (week of February 25th) who are coming to advise us on slope stabilization and this is one of the areas we will be seeking advise on; what we can do to mitigate against it. You recognize that it is very hollow, and this has not come down only [when its raining, even when its hot] it (the cliff) has eroded but there is great anxiety for Morne Daniel and the homes that are right on the edge there…”

 The Hon. Prime Minister also mentioned that a motion would be moved in Cabinet for acquiring the lands for creating the bypass.

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