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Friday, 10 July 2020

Director of Primary Health Care, Dr. Laura Esprit, has expressed that the latest addition to Dominica’s primary health care arsenal will gear up the delivery of services in Dominica post Hurricane Maria which significantly affected over 50% of health care facilities across Dominica.

At a handing over ceremony on Friday, where a mobile medical unit was donated to the Ministry of Health by insurance company, SAGICOR, Dr. Esprit outlined the objectives to be met with this new mobile unit.

“Primary health care services has also taken the initiative in anticipation of this unit in developing a proposal for the efficient usage of the unit….. the objectives of the proposal have been centered around three areas. Improving access to health services, focusing on health promotion and prevention as core pillars of primary care as well as providing the additional space or location to support other teams and missions to primary health care especially those related to the better management of chronic diseases,” she said.

But how exactly will this unit be utilized?

Dr. Esprit explained, “The mobile unit will be used primarily for the purpose of carrying out activities of primary health care service, for the temporary deployment to communities where facilities have suffered moderate to severe damage, to provide medical coverage during emergencies, disasters, disease outbreaks activities of national importance as well as national events to name a few.”

The ability to host foreign and other medical missions without disrupting regular activities or clinics is another hopeful function of the unit.

According to Dr. Esprit the types of services to be provided from the unit will include: comprehensive medical clinics, cancer screening programmes, specialist clinics, immunization campaigns, HIV testing, disaster response and other outreach programmes centered on promotion and prevention.

The forty-foot medical vehicle contains two examination rooms with beds, fuel and water tanks, a generator, refrigeration and a wheel chair lift.

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