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Thursday, 09 July 2020

The Dominica Festivals Committee has awarded individuals, groups and costume bands for their outstanding costume displays and participation for Mas Domnik 2018.

Though significantly scaled down, Mas Domnik 2018 has been hailed a success by many.

The awardees received their trophies at a small ceremony at the DFC on Wednesday.

The most creative jouvert group award went to the group, Chou Poul, while the Police Lapeau Kabwit received the award for being the largest lapeau kabwit band on the road.

Most Creative Individual in the male category was Dorian Carbon who displayed a costume named ‘Going In The Shower’ and Yvette Bannis with ‘Maria Tarpaulin’ received the award for most creative female.

Bachannal Women received the award for most creative traditional group and the most creative school band went to Grand Fond Primary School.

Most creative costume band went to the Thunderbirds.

Other groups receiving awards were, the Newtown Lapeau Kabwit for the longest lapeau kabwit band, Lumination by Signal Band -the largest jourvert group and most creative t-shirt band went to Klubird.

The Lucia Lander Dance Group and the Pioneer Prep received participation certificates for their children’s bands while the Castle Bruce Secondary School also received a participation award for their school band.

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