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Friday, 10 July 2020

Despite the challenges posed by Hurricane Maria the Dominica Festivals Committee has been determined to present carnival celebrations and put together a host of activities primarily for nationals to enjoy. On Friday January 26th a street festival replaced the annual street parade to officially open Mas Domnik 2018.

“This year we will be having a small procession that will begin at the Fort Young Hotel to culminate onto the grand stage where we will have a small handing over ceremony of the keys to the city to Gerald Cools-Lartigue, the DFC chairman. Once that is over we will have a small presentation of several groups. Persons will have a small preview of what these bands will be portraying for Dominica Carnival in 2018,” DFC Events and Festivals Manager, Val Cuffy explained at a press briefing last week.

The street parade which began at 4:00pm was led by carnival royalty, the 2017 Calypso King, Carnival Queen, Miss Teen Dominica and the Carnival Princess. The procession featured groups such as the Afrikulture Stilt walkers, Carnival Corner, the Colihaut Band Mauve, Gutter Village Lapo Kabwit and community groups from Delices, St. Joseph, Grand Bay, Good Hope, Kalinago Territory and Castle Bruce.

Costume bands including Thunderbirds, Hysteria Mas and Amnesia, also participated in the parade.



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