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Thursday, 09 July 2020

The Dominica Association of Local Community Authorities (DALCA), in collaboration with the Australian Direct Aid Programme on Wednesday donated Maria relief care packages to persons still vulnerable after Hurricane Maria.

DALCA, as a local government entity, represents all local authorities and community-based groups facilitating the development of communities.

One of the international bodies with which DALCA has established good relationship is the Australian Direct Aid Programme and the the latest collaboration is the contribution of these Maria Relief packages.

According to Chairman of DALCA, Yoland Jno-Jules “given the level of vulnerability which exist in the various communities in Dominica and due to the fact that most of the communities were severely affected by hurricane Maria the association has seen it fit to utilize its international partnership to support vulnerable persons among several parts of the community. There is not one community in Dominica that was not severely impacted by Maria.”

The Australian government was one of the first to come to Dominica’s aid after passage of Maria with food, tarpaulins, water, solar lamps and generators among other supplies.

The Australian High Commissioner, John Pilbeam says the relief contribution simply comes from a place of sheer empathy for the plight of Dominicans post Hurricane Maria.

“The sympathy expressed on behalf of the Australian people to people of the Caribbean by the Australian Foreign ministers…. not just from our hearts but from our experiences. As Dominica recovers from Maria the global spotlight may be off you, but we won’t forget Dominica … We will maintain our productive relationship with DALCA and we’ll look for ways to help you all now and in the future,” he said.

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