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Saturday, 15 August 2020

Contracts amounting to $4.7 million have been signed between the Ministry of Environment and three contractors for remedial works on three sections of road on the eastern side of the country.

These contracts were signed at an official ceremony at the Ministry of Health conference room on Wednesday, under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP), a $106 million project funded by the World Bank and the Government of Dominica. The DVRP aims to reduce the risk of the adverse effects of climate change on the island.

Under this project, Government proposed to undertake considerable work on the east coast from Pond Casse to Bois Diable, Bois Diable To Castle Bruce, Castle Bruce to Petite Soufriere and Castle Bruce to Hatton Garden.

However, following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika, immediate works were required.

“In the upcoming weeks, residents can expect construction activity such as the erection of retaining walls, reinstatement of broken edges and pavement, river-dredging, road realignment to avert further land slippage, installation of guard rails to increase safety of bridges, cleaning and widening of culverts and earth drainage, construction ring walls and ring and installation of gabion baskets, Hon Drigo detailed.  “These projects are very important to us in the Castle Bruce constituency.”

Work will be done from Bellefield to Castle Bruce by ADA Trucking Ltd, Castle Bruce to Petite Soufriere by George Nathan Trucking & Excavation Services and in Castle Bruce by Jars Sales and Services Ltd.

However, the Ministry of Public Works has undertaken a number of interventions in extremely vulnerable areas in the east ahead of this project.

“This ceremony is further proof of this Government’s commitment to improve our road network across the island to ensure the safety of all road users…the evidence of this abounds as this Government continues to work feverishly to build a robust network of roads, guided by the principle of ‘building back better’.” 

The Hon Minister for Health and Environment, Dr. Kenneth Darroux, under who the DVRP is implemented, remarked that these immediate works are critical for the safety of the people.

“While these interventions might seem modest individually and collectively, I think they are going to go a long way in allowing the residents of the Castle Bruce constituency to sleep much better,” Hon Darroux said.

Consultations have been held with the people of the east to inform them of the projects to be undertaken and landowners who are affected by these interventions will be compensated.

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