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Thursday, 29 October 2020

The halls and studios of the Government Information Service were overrun with Charlotte Nursery students on last Thursday as they got acquainted with the workings of news production.

As part of early childhood month, the young learners are visiting various media houses while learning about communication.

Other activities for the month include a National Symposium on November 28 to honour early childhood educators, Family Focus Week from November 19th to 23rd, various sporting activities and Universal Children’s Day in which children will dress in career outfits.

The final activity for early childhood education month is a fun day at the beach planned for all teachers and caregivers on November 30th.

Glenda Bertrand the Administrator at Charlotte Nursery spoke with us about early childhood education month.

“This month [has been] declared Early Childhood Education Month.  It’s a month where we try to create awareness within the community and amongst the parents and children themselves and the institutions we visit.  We have to instill positive values, actions and ways into our children so in the future they can be positive citizens.  That’s the basis of early childhood education because whatever damage we do now the effects will tell on the children later on in life.”

The 61 students of the nursery were enthusiastic about singing a few songs that would be aired for all to see.

The Charlotte Nursery has been in operation for forty years. This was their third visit to the Government Information Service studios.

Early Childhood Education Month was previously observed in the month of June but has since been changed to November.

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