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Thursday, 09 July 2020

Residents of Charlotte Valley, Newtown have been promised a new housing development in their community.

The Hon Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit made the announcement at a townhall meeting in Newtown on Monday July 10.

Hon Skerrit took time to explain to the people why Government chose to go through this route to solve the housing problem in their community.

“Land was acquired in the Charlotte Valley some years ago … but Planning [Division] in their wisdom and Housing [Division] did an assessment of the Charlotte Valley area [and when we] thought we had the opportunity to create many lots [we discovered] the area where the land is, is highly compromised. Planning told us we should not build homes beyond the ravine that is there…so we are only left with a handful of lots,” he explained.

This and the cost of infrastructure have delayed Government’s ability to bring housing solution to that part of the Roseau South Constituency. 

“We have studied the situation and we felt that it would not make sense to sell the lots individually to people so that they could build …but we have decided in the Government and based on advice that a couple apartments units can in fact be constructed in the Charlotte Valley.”

 “Let us get it done in this financial year so the next time I come to Newtown I shall be visiting the apartments under construction.”  

The Hon Prime Minister also promised to assist families and individuals needing house renovations.  This, he said will be done after a team of individuals, assigned by Government, has done proper assessments of those houses.

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